Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions–please feel free to Contact Us if you have any others!

Are your products suitable for those with specific allergies?

Our kitchen uses known allergens such as peanuts and tree nuts, wheat, soy, eggs and milk, so ingredients and utensils used to prepare your items may have come into contact with these products (even if you have selected flavors that do not include a particular ingredient in their recipes). In addition, it is impossible to guarantee that certain allergens have not “strayed” onto products that do not include a particular ingredient in their recipes. Please Contact Us with inquiries regarding the inclusion of specific allergens in the recipes of specific items.

How Do I Place an Order?

Most orders can easily be placed over the phone or whatsapp (see below)–just let us know the date of your event, the number of servings desired, your budget, along with any of your ideas that you have in mind. If you’d like to discuss a cake with a cake consultant in person, it’s best to make an appointment to set up a time to discuss your cake–these can also be set up by phone, whatsapp or email.
We’re working on building an online ordering system–stay tuned! In the meantime, you can always send us an order by emailing

How do I order a custom decorated cake or cupcakes?

Custom designed cakes may be ordered over whatsapp, email or telephone ( whats app is great for sharing design inspirations and images). If you prefer, our cake consultants can meet and work with you in person at the bakery. Please Contact Us in advance to arrange a time to ensure a consultant will be available to discuss your cake.

How Far in Advance Should I Place My Order?

Usually a few weeks or days in advance depending on the event, but we can book up months in advance during wedding season. To be safe, get in touch with us as soon as you know the date of your party. For wedding cakes, most clients book us as soon as they know they’re engaged—that way they’re much more likely to secure their wedding date.
For cakes without custom decoration, we recommend that orders be placed at least 24 hours in advance for Classic/regular flavor cakes. If you need a cake immediately, we try to offer a variety of cakes available in our display case–please call for availability. For custom cakes, we recommend that you place your order 1 week in advance, depending on the level of complexity of your creation. For a custom cake on shorter notice, please contact us to discuss your options; we do our best to accommodate last-minute custom orders, but we cannot guarantee availability as sometimes we are fully booked.

What is the difference between a butter cream and fondant finished cake?

Buttercream is what you’ll commonly see on many traditional cakes. It is made primarily of butter, egg whites and sugar. Fondant is a sugary paste,that can be rolled out into a thin layer then draped over the cake, creating a beautifully smooth cover. Fondant can also be used to make figures and other decorations (polka dots, stars, flowers, etc.) that can be placed on any type of cake. Only cakes frosted in buttercream, chocolate frosting or ganache may be covered in fondant; Please note that fondant is placed over a layer of frosting

Are your cake decorations edible?

While fondant and sugar are edible, many cake decorations (especially three-dimensional ones) require structural supports that are inedible, as well as securing with inedible supports. We recommend removing such decorations and keeping them as souvenirs of your celebration!

Are you hiring or accepting interns?

We are often on the look-out for friendly, enthusiastic counter staff and baristas, as well as talented bakers and decorators. Please email your resume and a cover letter with some information about you and the position you seek.

Can you color the frosting on my cake? And/or can you match this specific color?

Our vanilla buttercream can be colored with food dye, but we can only obtain pastel shades, medium (but not dark shades such as red, royal blue or navy blue). If your cake flavor is not normally frosted in vanilla buttercream, you have the option of replacing the outer frosting with dyed vanilla buttercream. Fondant-covered cakes can be prepared to match any shade.

Do You Deliver?

For all our orders, delivery is available by a third-party courier for an additional fee starting at 5,000 in city center. Delivery cost is based on the size of the order and distance; the delivery charge is confirmed in advance for your approval.
Notice of 24 hours is required to guarantee a delivery; if same-day delivery is necessary, please call to discuss potential availability.
Our courier requires that you provide a two-hour window and the name and phone number of a contact person who will be on hand at that location to accept delivery during that window. The customer is responsible for ensuring that delivery at the location and during the period provided is possible (e.g., that a venue is open and able to accept deliveries at the time specified, etc.). If no one is available to receive an order at the location and during the period provided by the customer, the customer is charged for that unsuccessful delivery, and the order will be returned to Rumi Cake Shop The order may then be picked up by the customer or a second delivery may possibly be arranged, depending on the courier’s availability and if the customer pays a second delivery fee.

How Much Are Your Cakes?

Our custom-made cakes are priced individually

Do you offer Cake Tastings?

We do offer cake tastings of up to 4 flavors at no cost for up to 4 guests per custom order. And a 3 days notice is required. The flavors included in each are a baker’s choice, so each one is different—it just depends what we have been baking that week.
If you need a small cake to take home, share it with your family and friends, then a mix and match of up to four flavors of your choosing can be arranged at a small fee, for you to come up with an awesome cake for your event.
That being said… requests are also welcome. If you have a certain flavor you think you want for your wedding cake, please don’t be afraid to ask.

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